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Frequently Asked Questions

Palm Health Resources has highly specialized recruiters working 24/7 to ensure our customers have highly trained candidates ready to interview/start immediately.   Each job order is assigned to a recruiter and even leadership helps each and every day. We pride ourselves in having an 87% fill to placement ratio.  We will get the job done right and asap!

While we do all healthcare recruitment, our core emphasis at this time is Advanced Practice Provider recruitment, physician recruitment, nursing recruitment and allied healthcare recruitment.  

Most of our customers continue to ask us to help with other professions for them because they see the difference in our recruitment services compared to our competition.  The proof is in our qualified candidates and placement/fill ratio.  We will evaluate each customer’s needs specifically and provide the best solution.

We can help with all specialties in an acute care hospital, long term care facility, cancer center, outpatient clinic or homecare company.  There is not a specialty that we are unfamiliar with and not a part of our valued customers.

Palm Health Resources is a full-service healthcare recruitment firm and handles all permanent, locum to perm, locum and travel placements.  Please call us today to discuss our customized staffing solution. 

Search Options that meet your needs!  

This information outlines the terms of agreement for which Palm Health Resources, will perform a search for your company 

Palm Health Resources offers customized staffing solutions that will meet any organization’s needs.  We offer multiple search agreements and can conduct the search on a Contingency, Retained or Hybrid of the two.  We make recommendations based upon each organization’s goals, specifics of the position(s), marketing outreach needed to fill the position. Our goal is to complete the search in the most cost effective and expedient manner.  

No matter the search agreement, we act as an extension of your healthcare organization and proactively match make for your organization through marketing, branding the position and delivering exceptional results.

Your own specialty-specific recruitment expert working hand in hand with you to provide excellent candidates as quickly as possible.  

  • An all-out campaign to locate the best qualified candidates for the job.
  • Access to a large network of available candidates.
  • Providing you with extensive background information on prospective candidates including but certainly not limited to personal and business qualifications as well as a thorough employment history evaluation.
  • Complete details for each opportunity will be provided to potential candidates (with your permission of course)
  • Candidate Background Checks and Licensing Checks 
  • Contact with you and the candidate before, during, and after negotiations.
  • Complete confidentiality throughout the process.
  • We will guarantee every completed search. 
  • We work very close with our clients to ensure ultimate satisfaction.  Palm Health Resources is dedicated to fulfilling your search requirements and there is nobody committed more so than our team of experts!

We take great pride in truly identifying the BEST candidate on the market for a particular job, not just considering the best applicant who happens to apply for the job.  We conduct nationwide searches and will locate the best candidate nationwide that would have never considered your position otherwise without knowing.  When you’re looking for a guarantee. If you’ve experienced new employees not working out in the past, work with a Palm Health Resources, we guarantee a professional’s placement.

Palm Health Resources’ National Executive Recruiters build strong relationships with top quality professionals. It’s the National Executive Recruiters job to weed out the weak and only present professionals who not only exceed the qualifications for your role, they also have been through Palm Health Resources’ screening process and are prepared. We would recommend giving the candidate a timeline for acceptance and our firm would have a backup candidate ready if the candidate was not to accept.  We are prepared on all fronts because if not, you will have an unfilled job.

Palm Health Resources has National Executive Recruiters, trained in the characteristics of your specialty, to ensure that the professionals that are presented to you are strong fits for your group, practice or facility. You will receive an in-depth summary of the professional, not just a copy of their CV. Additionally, we will work with you to improve the process to accomplish the end result – a long-term fit for your facility.  We firmly believe that PHR will conduct stronger screening methods due to our specializations.  We don’t take positions that we do not specialize in.  We help our clients write job summaries, provide market information per specialty, coach our clients on why they are not successful with what they are doing so they are not going to continue in being unsuccessful in their efforts.  Whether the client fills the job their self or through us, they will appreciate our honest and value with our guidance and seek our expertise at some point.  Our clients have noticed our attention to detail, ability to bring true talent to them and we can provide references for all new clients.  We love working on the most difficult positions!  We will get the job done with a top-notch candidate!

We offer contingent, retained and a hybrid option of the two. Primarily, we work on a contingency basis, meaning we only get compensated when you hire the right professional. There is never an upfront fee in this arrangement. With each option comes with an employment guarantee.  We will provide the best option for your needs!  Email or call us for information on which plan works best for you.

We serve thousands of health care organizations across the nation, from private practices, independent, community-based organizations to large, integrated systems including acute care hospitals, academic medical centers, government facilities, non-acute community health care providers and pediatric facilities in rural, suburban and metropolitan settings across the country and have access to Professionals in all 50 states.

Palm Health Resources completes the following steps before a professional is presented to your facility:

  • 21-point screening (skill sets, personality traits, etc.)
  • Three Professional References (2 of these direct reported manager references)
  • OIG Checks
  • Sexual Offender Check
  • Licensing Verification

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