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Candidate Testimonials

“My experience with John as my recruiter was exceptional! He made each step of the recruiting process efficient and smooth! I was very impressed with his approach and he always made me feel like I was his number one priority; he took the time to get to know me and what I needed in a prospective job and worked tirelessly to provide me with so many options. He was also incredibly responsive and gave me great tips to make sure I felt prepared and confident in each step of the job interview/onboarding process. I would work with John again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a recruiter and so grateful for his assistance in paving this next step in my career!”
- Ashley C.
"John with palm resources was an amazing recruiter. He had a wide selection of jobs across the United States and never pressured me to fill a position but instead spent time learning about me and my family’s interest and then showed me jobs to meet that. After we begin making a short list he shined in his negotiation and communication skills. Super guy and excellent professional to work with."
- Ryan T.
"I worked with John for a Cardiac Surgery position. He was wonderful. Worked very hard for me and was excellent at communication. He was very personable and enjoyable to work with. I would recommend him for everyone!"
- Castyn W.
"I Was not planning to change job, but John P encouraged me to just “check it out”. I liked what I saw as it offered me a great new opportunity. Next thing you know, I was hired! John P was very resourceful, helpful and encouraging through the whole process."
- Anonymous
"Worked with John Palmisano. Great recruiter! Guides you all throughout the application and interview and beyond. Highly recommend!"
- Angelica V.
"It was a pleasure working with both Jaume and John. They made the whole process from beginning to end a smooth experience. They were both easily accessible and followed up with me on a regular basis. I would highly recommend them to anyone making a transition in their career."
- Anonymous
"I have used Palm Health Resources, specifically John Palmisano, as my recruiter for three jobs and they were all top jobs. John is very helpful and attentive and looks out for the best for you in every scenario. He is excellent at negotiating with hospitals and always strives to get the best deal possible for the candidate. Thank you for being with me every step of the way."
- Nidal A.
"Professional, really care about you and your needs. On the ball and recommend possibilities that I thought were lost such as relocation allowance and sign-on bonuses. Do your friends a solid favor and recommend Palm Health Resources to help them find, interview for and help in obtaining a fair salary and benefits. Thanks Jacob and John for being there and being there for me."
- Lee E.
"Jay Palau was super nice and diligent at finding me the right job that fit my preferences. I will continue to work with this agency for years to come. Great overall experience!"
- Chez M.
"John and his company we’re awesome to work with!! Be careful what you wish for because these guys get it done and suddenly your hired, moved and working at your dream job. Thanks Palm Resources."
- Rhonda S.
"Amazing culture and great people!"
- Kemberlly S.
"I was contacted by Jacob Goldberg through Linked in when I was looking to start my travel experience. He was upfront, easy to talk to, available and informative with all my questions. The on-boarding process with the company was easy and the staff during the credentialing process for the hospital I took a job with was amazing. Any issues were quickly resolved by great communication through text, phone calls & emails. Highly recommend considering this company if you are looking for a locums position in the health care/medical field."
- Jen L.
"I was approached by a half-dozen recruiting organizations during my interviewing process. I allowed each of the services to reach out to various programs. John and Palm Health were by far the most responsive, most persistent, and John was by all means the most aggressive in his pursuit. I wholeheartedly appreciated his fight for the best opportunity for me. Although he had a vested interested placing me in a facility - I felt that he also had a vested interested in each party’s employment satisfaction and my happiness. Really a world class 24:7 service provided by John."
- Shane M.
"John was a great help and comfort throughout the process of finding a job. He was always positive and was prompt with responses, whether through email or phone. He was very informative, and I really appreciated his assistance. I would recommend getting in contact!"
- Stephani Y.
"John Palmisano deserves more than 5 stars! I am a Nurse Practitioner with quite a few years’ experience. I was seeking different employment through which I met John through the posting on this particular job that sparked my interest. From the beginning, John was showed great enthusiasm and really cared about making this opportunity happen for me. He went over and beyond helping with every little detail, to which I will be forever grateful. It was so awesome to feel that he cared about me as a person, making sure every "T" was crossed and "I" dotted. The way he was upfront and honest was really appreciated, as that is the kind of person I am. The communication was superb! I would recommend anyone who is serious about working through a recruiting agency, to give John the opportunity to get you what you deserve, because he will work his tail off for you!! This was the first time for me working with recruiting agency, and it was such a positive experience. I cannot thank John enough for the efforts he put in for me. I feel I am about to embark on the job that I have been waiting for. Hats off to you John!! You are an asset for sure! I will recommend you to any of my colleagues that are in the need of this service. Thanks again John, keep up the great work you do!"
- Leah M.
"Palm Health Resources (specifically John Palmisano) was a huge help in assisting me in a new career search. I couldn't be more impressed with his immediate assistance and attentiveness. I ended up landing a job I would have never known about without him and this resource. Very satisfied with his service!"
- Hilary W.
"Fantastic recruiters. They placed me in a permanent position at a premier facility. So excited. Cannot wait to get started."
- Judith M.
"I had a great experience working with Palm health. they were friendly, responsive, and delivered what they promised for the most part. I would use them again in the future!"
- Tanya D.
"Great experience using Palm Health. Easy to work with and found the right job for me. John was invested in my search and made sure to see it through. Thanks!"
- Scott F.
"Thank you Palm Health Resources (specifically John Palmisano) for ALL that you have done to support me the last several months & connect me with a group of EXCEPTIONAL providers. Thank you for knowing my heart and connecting me with an organization that is like minded in mission & in spirit. Thank you for your advice & words of wisdom!! John is very diligent in finding great opportunities & following them to completion. I have had the opportunity to work with multiple recruiters this year. I would highly recommend working with John!"
- Ann S.
"Thanks to John Palmisano and Jaume Palau from Palm Careers I received an employment offer from the University of Chicago- one of the most prestigious and most wanted places to work. They were beyond helpful and professional throughout the whole process, in constant contact with me, followed up after each interview ( I’ve had 7 of them!), answered all my questions, with nice personal touch ( remembered what day I was skiing) .Combination of appropriate - informative with personal touch- emails, texts, phone calls- made this stressful process even enjoyable!"
- Katarzyna M.
"I worked with Jacob Goldberg who was delightful and on top of every detail of my application and interviews. Truly made me feel that he had my best interests at heart. It was my first experience working with a recruiting firm and a very positive one! Highly recommend."
- Maria G.
"I worked with John Palmisano while searching for a job in Boston and I had a WONDERFUL experience. I applied for a job on a Sunday evening, he called on Monday morning and I was in for an interview on Tuesday!!!! I have never had an experience like that, as every other job I have applied for in the past I have waited weeks or even months to hear anything back. Throughout the hiring process John was extremely engaged. He called and emailed multiple times to follow up and he was available any time of the day, even after hours. Even after I took the job he continues to follow up. I would HIGHLY recommend Palm Health Resources for your next job search, as they place providers throughout the country. 10/10 service. I have used Palm Health Resources, specifically John Palmisano, as my recruiter for three jobs and they were all top jobs. John is very helpful and attentive and looks out for the best for you in every scenario. He is excellent at negotiating with hospitals and always strives to get the best deal possible for the candidate. Thank you for being with me every step of the way."
- Lesley B.
"I chose to work through Palm Health Resources coming out of school to help get my first job. John Palmisano was great. He was enthusiastic, easy to contact, and very thorough with explaining the company and even the area around it. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for jobs in the healthcare field."
- Nick R.
"I had a great experience working with Palmisano Health Resources, specifically with John Palmisano. I am a new grad AGACNP who was having trouble finding an NP job in a tough market. John was able to work with me and helped to sell my RN background and NP clinical experience enough to a well-known hospital that was only considering NP’s with at least 1 year of NP experience to give me a shot at an interview. I managed to impress the team enough for them to extend an offer to me, which John also helped to negotiate a generous salary. John is a very friendly, laid back, and understanding guy! He truly cares about his clients and helping them find a position that fits their needs and it shows! I would without a doubt recommend him to anyone needing assistance finding an NP position and I would definitely work with him again should I need help with finding another position in the future."
- Pau O.
"Great experience working with this very responsive team!"
- Susan C.
"Great and easy to work with."
- Alexis C.

Client Testimonials

"I am writing a highly favorable recommendation for Palm Health. They are very professional in every sense of the word. Palm Health have the perceptive ability for the person being recruited and matching company recruiting. They’re thorough in their responsibilities in communicating sensitive information, anticipatory needs, and make job placement with their connections transact smoothly. They have a personal demeanor, a well of knowledge of tremendous depth and experience. They’re helpful with materials as you request them. Palm Health is an asset for job search, a pillar of support who has a world of meaning to the employer and are trustworthy. It is truly a privilege to have worked with Palm Health. One feels as though one is the only client they have at the time. Palm Health follows up, they call and let you know the status and bring candidates in the door prepared."
- Philip B., Albuquerque, NM
"I speak with many outside physician recruiters and I have never dealt with anyone as professional, knowledgeable and client oriented as John Palmisano. I can’t thank him or Palm Health Resources enough for the professional job they do referring top candidates to our facility. They have exceeded our expectations. I am the only one in recruitment in a large hospital which limits my availability to be with a candidate. John is professional and has a thorough process of screening both their clients and candidates. He took the time to get to know my needs. His emails for the candidates they are trying to place are exceptionally professional and he doesn’t call and email constantly which is refreshing for a recruiting company. I highly recommend this company to any hospital or facility in need of filling open orders."
- Micheal H., Sacramento, CA
"I am happy to report that I have done business with Palm Health Resources for the past three years. All business has been conducted in a highly satisfactory manner. Palm Health Resources has always been most helpful in providing information and advice in regard to potential candidates. I have found this group to have a broad range of excellent candidates. Thank you!"
- Tim H., Charlottesville, VA
"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Craig, Account Manager with Palm Health Resources and his team on multiple occasions for the needs at our hospital. I found them through a colleague at convention when discussing our staffing woes, when she began telling me of her success stories with Palm Health. In calling Craig the following week he not only promptly had a candidate for my difficult position (Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner), he had multiple candidates for me to choose from. We are more than please with this company and will continue to use their service as well as recommend them to fellow colleagues."
- Susan C., Oklahoma City, OK
"Palm Health Resources was very professional and helpful during their search process for a PT for our new facility. A competitive search was filled quickly with a very viable candidate. Good communication was maintained throughout the process. Assistance in closing the deal was offered and provided as requested. They listened, which is the most important trait of an excellent recruitment partner, in my mind. I will use these guys again."
- Caroline K., Palm Beach, Fl
"In this time of economic difficulties, Palm Health Resources was able to find me a remarkable candidate. Not only did they perfectly match us with one of the best candidates in healthcare, the Directors and Doctors of our facility were so pleased with how prompt and smooth the process was that I plan to recommend their services to any and all colleagues. This company is exceptionally positive and forward-thinking. Not to mention, their approach to finding the perfect fit for highly motivated candidates has been second to none!"
- Pamela P., Boston, MA

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