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Locum Physician Jobs

Palm Health has a wide range of Locum Physician Jobs listed below. Search the latest Locum Physician Jobs today.

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The Benefits of Using Palm Health for Locum Physician Job Placements

    • Palm Health has an in house travel agency for all your travel needs to make traveling with our firm that much more enjoyable.
    • Palm Health an outstanding customer base with 1,000s of health systems nationwide to really give you choices when traveling with our firm and many of the choices are not just in rural locations, many of our locations are by far better than our competition. We have built our client base over the years with major health systems in major cities! We have a variety of locations to meet our travelers needs.
    • The most important characteristic of any locums firm is to make a good match for the candidate/client and that is our number one priority even if it is a short term locum assignment.
    • Our locums are 1099s which has an incredible amount of tax advantages. We provide a system that enables our locums to not only make a lot more income, but we provide the resources for our resources to be able to build wealth and take advantage of tax advantages of being a 1099 locum.

    • Palm Health provides a paid membership to ICBA which helps you become a 1099 and help with locum management for business aspects.

    • Palm Health provides top compensation much stronger than most of our competition.  We enable our locums to build wealth and achieve financial freedom.

What Are the ICBA Benefits Palm Health Is Providing to Locum Physicians?

Your ICBA membership will give you access to resources that will support you and your family both personally and professionally as a contractor, including:

Insurance Offerings – Health Coverages, Home & Auto, Aflac, and more

Financial, Legal, Tax, & Accounting Services – Includes forming your business LLC assistance

 Discounts & Savings – Includes deals on Office Supplies, Travel, and Entertainment

Advice and Information – Becoming an independent contractor for the first time can bring many questions.  Consultations for advice and information is included with this service.