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How To Attract Talented Physicians To Your Hospital

5 Strategies To Attract The Best Candidates To Your Physician Jobs

Even before COVID-19, a shortage in physicians had been forecast for the United States, with increasing demand on the healthcare industry dictated by:

  • A more highly insured population (because of the Affordable Care Act)
  • Population growth
  • An aging population guarantees demand on healthcare services

For your hospital to remain competitive and profitable, it’s important to hire talented physicians to your staff. To hire the best, you must create an environment where the most talented want to work.

Beyond offering massive boosts to their paycheck, this article outlines five strategies to attract the best physicians (and physician nurses and nurse practitioners).

1.    Develop An Enviable Employer Brand

Before applying for physician jobs, a candidate will try to learn more about you. They will search online for reviews from previous employees, and they will read your online material. They want to get a sense of who you are – your values and your culture.

Make sure you provide the fuel to energize potential candidates’ desire to join you. Publish blogs and social media content regularly, and maintain a careers section on your website.

2.    Offer a Great Work/Life Balance

Your physicians and nursing staff suffer the same as other people. Not only do they work in a high-pressured environment, but they have personal pressures to cope with: childcare, schools, families, finances, and so on.

Providing greater flexibility to working patterns, reducing non-clinical tasks and ensuring adequate staffing are just three tactics that can help reduce burnout of your hospital staff. You should also consider offering wellness programs that help to relieve stress while at work.

3.    Ensure Opportunities For Professional Development

The most talented physicians seek professional development, to learn the latest techniques and treatments, and to grow their ability to provide first-class care. Continuing professional development and opportunities to learn are high on the wish list of talented candidates.

4.    Recognize Exceptional Performance

Let your key hospital employees know that you appreciate them and what they contribute to your hospital. Put recognition programs in place, offer awards, and thank positive contributions in team meetings and on staff noticeboards.

5.    Partner With A Specialist Staffing Agency

A staffing agency that specializes in delivering the highest quality physicians to hospitals will help you combat the shortage in skilled candidates. They will act as your advocate, helping to promote you as an employer of choice.

As a specialist agency, Palm Careers will help you with access to locum, locum-to-permanent, and permanent coverage. Our recruiters are rigorously trained and possess the specialized knowledge to find the right candidates for your roles.

The best hires are those who are the right match for your hospital and those who would be ideal as a permanent hire – even if your requirement is for a locum.

Beat The Physician Shortage

A shortage of skilled physicians does not have to affect your hospital. While hiring in a tight labor market may be more difficult, hospitals that provide a positive environment will always hire better than those who don’t.

These five strategies will help you to:

  • Attract the most talented to your hospital
  • Improve employee retention
  • Provide quality care

Contact Palm Careers today to learn more about how we work to ensure you hire the best physicians, PAs, and NPs available.