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How To Attract Talented Physicians To Your Hospital

5 Strategies To Attract The Best Candidates To Your Physician Jobs Even before COVID-19, a shortage in physicians had been forecast for the United States, with increasing demand on the healthcare industry dictated by: A more highly insured population (because of the Affordable Care Act) Population growth An aging population guarantees demand on healthcare services […]

How Do You Negotiate Salary For New Physician Jobs?

Tips To Help You Negotiate Maximum Compensation Congratulations! You have been offered the physician job you wanted. There’s one problem. The salary. You were hoping for more. Should you try and negotiate? Few candidates negotiate a salary offered to them. While most senior managers expect candidates to negotiate, only around half do. Why wouldn’t you […]


PHYSICIAN RECRUITMENT DURING COVID-19 TIMES  The requirements of health facilities have changed within a blink of an eye amidst COVID-19 crisis.   Travel restrictions to flatten the pandemic curve forced the recruiters to change the traditional ways of hiring.   In many parts of the world, even the retired physicians are volunteering to fill up the shortage.  What does this indicate?   Though the demand for […]

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